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Water is the most important landscape shaping force on earth. Bernhard visualizes this in amazing, colorsaturated, seemingly abstract images – from both, the air and the ground – in his new photo book WATER. It shows water in all it forms - rivers ans streams, deltas and floodplains, surging on coasts, frozen in glaciers, as vapourous clouds and plumes over erupting volcanoes. The images show water on every continent.

Details: 240 pages, 220 colour photographs, hardcover with jacket, 29 x 35 cm, 11.4 x 13.8 in, Prestel/Random House (Munich-New York), Price: USD 65.00, GBP 45.00

ISBN: 978-3-7913-8165-7

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"These miracle photos of water are just one more reason why conservation matters" Huffington Post

EarthART - Colours of the Earth

Blue, green, yellow, orange, red, violet, brown, grey, black and white - excited by colour arrangements of world famous scholars like Isaak Newton or Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Bernhard Edmaier presents with this book a very unusual view onto the earth and its crust. It offers the whole colour spectrum.

With texts written by of Stella Paul, art historian in New York, about the evolution of different colour theories in the history, and Angelika Jung-Hüttl, science author and Edmaier's partner, about the geological development of the earth's colours.

Details: 220 pages, 160 color images (mostly aerial images), size 30,5 x 36 cm, Phaidon Press, London, 2013 (published in English).

ISBN-13: 9780714865768

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Press comment
"Ravishes the eye ... The effect is overwhelming." New York Times

"Looking at an Edmaier photograph you find yourself thinking you could be gazing at an abstract painting. ... In his new book EarthART .... the aerial genius presents 150 images organized, quite beautifully, by color."
Smithsonian Magazine, USA

18 motifs of the serie "Colours of the Earth"are offered as high quality fine art prints on mould-made paper - for more information, please click Fine Art

Kunstwerk Alpen

In his new book 'Kunstwerk Alpen' (The Alps - A Work of Art) Bernhard Edmaier does not show just a collection of idyllic landscapes, but he focusses on the motifs and sttings which tell the story of the Alps' formation. The text has been written by Angelika Jung-Hüttl.

Details: 224 pages, 188 color images (mostly aerial images), size 27 x 32 cm, , Bergverlag Rother, Oberhaching, Germany, May 2012. Available in German and French (Publishing House Glenat, October 2012).

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Press comments
".... It is a drama of movement, of crushing into power, tilting of layers and making rock faults. The way Edmaier illustrates this borders on magic."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

".... The story of the Earth is a subject which amazes again and again, especially when it is brought so near as in the latest volume of "Kunstwerk Alpen" ..."
Süddeutsche Zeitung

"... Geography - exciting and beautiful. Yes, so beautiful that one is completely mesmerised by the images and cannot help wanting to look at them and read their story again and again.”
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Earth on Fire

In the book "Earth on Fire - How Volcanoes Shape Our Landscape" Bernhard Edmaier focuses on the volcanic phenomena and tectonic movements of the earth. The text has been written by Angelika Jung-Huettl.

Details: 224 pages, more than 200 color photographs, size 35,5, x 30,3, x 2,9 cm, Phaidon Press London 2009, only in Englisch.

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Series of images 'Earth on Fire'

Press comments
"From close up or far away, amazing volcano photos ..."

"... archaic structures as if from the primeval time of the earth, magnificently presented in a glorious visually stunning work of art ... "

Patterns of the Earth

This book shows images of multifaceted structures of the Earth surface classified according to shapes; circles, ribbons, stripes, cracks, dots, grids, coils and other forms. Bernhard Edmaier enables us to see the various landscape components anew as part of a greater complete whole. Seen from that perspective, rivers turn into winding ribbons, rock formations into stripes, and volcano craters or islands into circles. 

Details: 240 pages, 400 color images (mostly aerials), hardback, size 225 x 125 mm, published in English, French and German, Phaidon/London, 2007

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Series of images 'Patterns of the Earth'

Press comments
"Bernhard Edmaier has given us a new perspective to natural landscapes ... the deep beauty of these scenes cries out for stewardship ..." Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in LIFE Magazine, USA

“… the images make us look at the world in a new way, by showing us surprising similarities and unexpected links between different parts of the globe. … “


Art meets science and earth in 'Earthsong", a spectacular collection of breathtaking aerial photographs of the earth's surface. By celebrating the earth's natural beauty, 'Earthsong' documents the threatened wild landscapes of our planet and is ideal for those interested in preservation and environmental issues as well as photography. Text by Angelika Jung-Hüttl.

Details: 232 pages, mit 240 color images (mainly aerials), size 35,5, x 30,3, x 2,9 cm, Phaidon Press, London 2004, in German (hardback), English (paperback), French (hardback), Italian (hardback), Spanish (paperback) and Japanese (hardback). 

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Press comments
"Bernhard Edmaier raises the art of aerial photography to new hights. His images are hauntingly impressionistic, even as they display a clarity of tone and texture that recalls the sharp-focus realism of Eliot Porter ...." Natural History Magazine, USA

"Stunning .... " Sunday Times

"... aerial photography at its sexiest .... landscape photography at its most remarkable .... a sound primer in geology and environmental ecology." Ag. Winter UK

Geoart Deutschland

This book of photography, honoured with the Most Beautiful Book of the Year 2004 Award, is a magical encounter with the familiar as seen from a new perspective – ‘bird’s eye view’ perspective. Well known landscapes of Germany have been transformed into fascinating, full of expression abstract works of art of a superior quality. Text by Angelika Jung-Hüttl.

Details: 160 pages, 121 colour photographs, 1 general map of Germany, BLV-Publishing House 2003, Munich. Out of print.
Press comments
"Germany unimaginably abstract! It is hard to believe that in today’s Germany there are natural landscapes to be found which are still untouched by man …. these landscapes have been transformed into unique works of art – timelessly beautiful in their ever changing forms.’
GEO, April 2003

"Germany – a rainbow of abstract images",
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 30 September 2003

Atelier Erde - Farbstudien

Fascinated by the various structures of the earth’s surface, Bernhard Edmaier concentrates only on the subject of colour in his book "Atelier Erde" for the first time. Text by Angelika Jung-Hüttl.

Details: 156 pages, 80 colour photographs, BLV-Publishin House, Munich 2000, out of print.
Press comments
"... This opulent work is a photographic study at its best. ‘Atelier Erde’ is fantastic - the most enchanting and captivating photographic art to date."
bild der wissenschaft - magazine

".... ’Atelier Erde’ makes geology a work of art."

".... Bernhard Edmaier portrays decay, freezes processes, which under normal circumstances take millions of years, and shows the earth as it came into being."
SPIEGEL Reporter

Geoart - Kunstwerk Erde

The first photo book of Bernhard Edmaier, which shows aerial images of abstract landscape photography. Text of Angelika Jung-Hüttl. This book received the prestigious Kodak Photo Book Prize of the Year 2000 and has been translated into numerous languages.

Details: 156 pages, more than 80 photos, published by BLV Publishing House, Munich 2000. Out of print.
Presse comments
"An intoxicating art of geology – a magnificent book of photography... "

".... Edmaier defines nature photography anew and vindicates familiar landscapes to pure abstraction. Hardly ever in recent times, have we seen such beautiful nature photography ...."

"… One can view these beautiful pictures as geological documents, as wonderful signs of variety, as a magnificant display of colours. When the reality dissolves, the pictures gain their own unique dimension - the earth turns into a surreal world…."

Eisige Welten - Im Kosmos der Minusgrade

A book (Icy Worlds) full of pictures of ice ranging from the tiny hexagonal crystal to huge ice masses of both poles. Texts are provided by Dr Angelika Jung-Hüttl. This book was awarded the Most Beautiful Science Book Award 1997 in Germany.

Details: BLV-Publishing House, Munich 1996. Published also in Polish and Czech. Out of Print.
"These spectacular shots awake the ice desert to life."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"The world in its archaic splendour ...."

Vulkane - Wo die Erde Feuer und Asche spuckt

This book about all types of volcanoes and volcanic phenomena has been translated into six languages and received the Most Beautiful Science Book Prize 1995 in Germany. Text by Angelika Jung-Hüttl.

Details: BLV Publishing House Munich 1994, out of print.
Press comments
"Never before has any book been capable of arresting the moment in the fascinating life of volcanoes in such an impressive way…."
ORF (Austrian Television Channel)

"…. even as these might be mere photos, they vividly create a feeling of the earth quaking under one’s feet and a boiling hot atmosphere …".
Bayerisches Fernsehen