Bernhard Edmaier



Bernard Edmaier’s photographs can be magnified and reproduced on different surfaces without compromising the quality – from glass through canvass to special foils. See the following examples below:

Video message in a green ambience

BMW Showroom - Munich, Germany

BMW, the Bavarian automaker, perches on sustainability with its new BMW i series, its first electro- and hybride vehicles. To emphasize this idea, BMW presents its philosophy and vehicle parts of the BMW i series in Munich in its show room at Lenbachplatz in front of landscape shots of Bernhard Edmaier.

The aerial images show the green Sibirian tundra in summer and an Icelandic glacier with a sky blue meltwater lake. The motives – each more than 10 m wide and 3 m high - are reproduced on a special textile and are illuminated from behind.

Opening hours: Monday until Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

A 150 x 150 cm image at the front side of the main conference room ...
.... and a mosaic of 10 images at the opposite wall

Bavarian Ministery of Environment - Munich, Germany

The Bavarian Ministry of environment refurbished two conference rooms with aerial photographs of Bernhard Edmaier.

14 motivs of the series „water“ are showcased in the main conference room – the largest formate measures 150 x 150 cm. 10 motivs of the series „rocks“ hang in a smaller conference room. 

The images are fin art prints mounted behind Luxar museum glass. For more information about this production look at Fine Art

View of the building
Colour scheme

Office complex in Groningen, Holland

The Dutch architectural office, UN Studio, used Bernard Edmaier’s images as a part of their interior design of the new Executive Agency and Tax Office Building in Groningen, a workplace for  2,500 people.

The images were selected in compliance with the planned colour scheme (see the drawing) and reproduced on a special foil measuring 300 x 170 cm.  They were installed in the communal areas on each floor.



Linde Group, Lift decor 1
Linde Group, Lift decor 2

Linde Group - Munich, Germany

The Linde Group – an international engineering company – had the interiors of its Head Office lifts furnished with Bernhard Edmaier’s images.

Each lift contains a spectacularly backlit aerial image stretching across one of its walls.

Five-Boats, linking section from outside
Five-Boats, linking section inside, image set Aqua

Five Boats - Duisburg, Germany

The Five Boats – an office building located in Duisburg port area and completed in 2004 – was designed by a well-known London architect Nicholas Grimshaw, erected by Architekten 24, an architecture office, and furnished by another renowned architecture office, Bahl, Hagen, Germany.  This seven-floor high office complex consists of 5 boat-shaped buildings connected via linking sections.

In addition to a wonderful facade illumination, the linking sections are furnished with 10 images – 2 on each floor. The images come from Earthsong, a collection of Bernhard Edmaier’s most spectacular images and a bestseller. Each image measures 170 x 170 cm and is mounted behind high-quality acrylic glass. 

Five Boats - Light and Art

Aletsch Glacier as stage backdrop

City Theatre in Bern, Switzerland

An aerial image of Aletsch Glacier (the biggest glacier in the Swiss Alps) printed on a 20 x 30 metre panel of fabric was produced for the City Theatre in Bern as the stage backdrop for the performance of the Bertold Brecht’s opera “The Rise and Fall of Mahagony.”

This greatly enlarged image was produced by Big Image, a company located in Berlin-Stahnsdorf.