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There are only three steps - to purchase one of the motivs as a Fine Art Print ..... ...

Black Ice

Both fascinating and mysterious – Black Ice is a rare phenomenon that only appears under specific weather conditions .... ...

Flood Generates Colour

After heavy rainfalls rivers not only overflow their banks. They also intensify their water colours - like currently in Southern Germany at the northern rim of ...

Patagonia's 'Warm' Glaciers

Many glaciers in the Patagonian Andes flow down toward the valleys faster than glaciers elsewhere – with far-reaching effects. ...

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  • About this blog

    Authors: Bernhard Edmaier (photos) und Dr. Angelika Jung-Hüttl (texts)

    Earth Talks – a title with two meanings: either  the earth itself speaks or we speak about the earth. In this blog you will find both aspects. The earth speaks through Bernhard's photos - and Bernhard speaks about the earth as he sees it in his photos.
    The texts provide information, for example, about new discoveries or geological curiosities (What´s new?) Or they tell of our travels, how specific photos came about (Behind the scenes) or they explain interesting landscape phenomena (Geology illustrated).
    Have a look at our photo-blog, share your comments and discuss with us the varied aspects of the earth´s surface, the way it is changing through quite normal, natural processes of weathering and erosion but also as a result of natural catastrophes, climate change or human intervention.

    More about Bernhard Edmaier
    More about Dr. Angelika Jung-Hüttl

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