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"Kunstwerk Alpen" in Schloss Bruck, Lienz (Austria)
"Kunstwerk Alpen" in Schloss Bruck, Lienz (Austria)
"Kunstwerk Alpen" in Schloss Bruck, Lienz (Austria)
"Earthsong" in the Nature Museum South Tyrol, Bolzano (Italy)
"Colours of the Earth" in the Nature Museum of Karlsruhe (Germany)
"Colours of the Earth" in the Nature Museum of Karlsruhe (Germany)
"Kunstwerk Alpen" in the Nature Museum of Olten (Switzerland)
"Kunstwerk Alpen" in the Nature Museum of Olten (Switzerland)

Photo Exhibitions

Photo Art Meets Science

The Earth constitutes the focal point of Bernhard Edmaier's photographic art. His highly unconventional landscape images have been exhibited in many countries as either solo exhibitions or group exhibitions. Wherever they are displayed - be in public or private galleries as well as natural history museums - Bernhard Edmaier's images fascinate and inspire the viewers from all walks of life.

Atelier Erde | 2 June until 17 July 2022
Bernhard Edamier PHOTOGRAPHY / Carsten Westphal PAINTING - an artistic confrontation

More About the Exhibition

Galery in the Old Firehous
Ägidiplatz 3
83435 Bad Reichenhall

For Museums and Galleries

Press comments

  • „Bernhard Edmaier raises the art of aerial photography to new hights. His images are hauntingly impressionistic, even as they display a clarity of tone and texture that recalls the sharp-focus realism of Eliot Porter ... “

    Natural History Magazine, USA

  • " .... Edmaier’s work reveals the diverse colours, forms and structures of the Earth photographed from the air at the height of 50 – 4,000 metres. However, this is just a part of his photographic style, more than that, he continues the stylistic tradition of New Objectivity by incorporating the notion of scientific and thematic correlation in his texts and images, similarly to Albert Renger-Patzsch. In this way, the functional principles of our planet are translated into aesthetically perfect images."

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (German Society for Photography)

  • „ ... Bernhard Edmaier has given us a new perspective to natural landscapes .... The deep beauty of these scenes cries out for stewardship ... “

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in LIFE Magazine, USA

  • "… he discovers the earth in a new way, for himself and for us. …the pictures are amazing, pictures we’ve never seen before. Pictures that tell us in a special way of the power of nature and of the transience of time… Edmaier’s pictures are hyper-concrete and at the same time enchantingly abstract. They are like a hymn to the beauty of nature….like a song announcing the magnificence of our planet."

    Kulturweltspiegel, ARD (German Television)

  • „ ... Oversize is the right way to see these landscapes and the effect is overwhelming.“

    New York Times, USA

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