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Fine Art Prints

Photographs in Museum Quality

"Searles Lake" in UltraSec®M
"Roebuck Bay" 02 in UltraSec®M
From the work series "Rocks & Mountains" in UltraSec®M
"Icebergs, Nizina Glacier, Alaska" in UltraSec®M (table "Clamp" from JANUA)
Diptychon "Skeiðarar" framed behind museum glass

Press comments

  • "He portrays the decay, freezes the movements which have continued for millions and millions of years - the photographer Bernhard Edmaier glances at our Earth as if he were looking through God’s eye. And shows the Earth as it has been creating itself."

    Der Spiegel, Germany

  •  „ .... Bernhard Edmaier's nature photography reminds of action paintings - geology becomes a  special field of art history .... “ 

    foto Magazin, Germany

  • „ ... Oversize is the right way to see these landscapes and the effect is overwhelming.“

    New York Times, USA

  • " ... in Edmaier’s images ….. shapes and forms wrestle with one another, lines strive against surfaces, rivers of colour gush, layers come off in flakes, contours dissolve and contours rupture …. Over and over again, the images switch between turbulent emotion and sober documentation. It is a double play, which Edmaier has a masterly command of."

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

  • "There are many good landscape photographers, but none of them tries, in such a radical way as Edmaier, to capture our planet's functional principles in aesthetically perfect images."


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