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Photo books

Released by internationally renowned publishing houses

"Water (German version)" published by Prestel / Munich-New York
Photo book "Water" - pages 24/25
Photo book "Water" - pages 32/33
"EarthArt" published by Phaidon / London-New York
photo book "EarthArt - Colours of the Earth" - pages 32/33
"EarthArt - Colours of the Earth" - pages 84/85
Photo book "Earth on Fire" published by Phaidon / London-New York
Photo book "Earth on Fire" - pages 116/117
Fotobuch "Earth on Fire" - pages 80/81
Photo book  Earthsong" published by Phaidon / London-New York
Photo book "Earthsong" - pages 152/153

Photo books

Image collections published internationally, winners of numerous awards

In 2001 Bernhard Edmaier received the prestigious Hasselblad Master Award. For “Geoart – Kunstwerk Erde,” he was awarded the Kodak Photo Book Prize in 1998. His first image collections „Vulkane“ (1994), „Eisige Welten“ (1996), and „Geoart Deutschland“ (2003) were consecutively voted The Most Beautiful Science Books of the Year by a panel of the most renowned science journalists. International art book publishers published his latest works: „EARTHSONG” (Phaidon 2004, translated into 7 languages), „Earth on Fire” (Phaidon 2009, English), „EarthART – Colours of the Earth” (Phaidon 2013, English) and „WATER” (Prestel 2015, English and German).

Press comments

  • „ ... Bernhard Edmaier has given us a new perspective to natural landscapes .... The deep beauty of these scenes cries out for stewardship ... “

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in LIFE Magazine, USA

  • "He portrays the decay, freezes the movements which have continued for millions and millions of years - the photographer Bernhard Edmaier glances at our Earth as if he were looking through God’s eye. And shows the Earth as it has been creating itself."

    Der Spiegel, Germany

  • " ... in Edmaier’s images ….. shapes and forms wrestle with one another, lines strive against surfaces, rivers of colour gush, layers come off in flakes, contours dissolve and contours rupture …. Over and over again, the images switch between turbulent emotion and sober documentation. It is a double play, which Edmaier has a masterly command of."

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

  • "There are many good landscape photographers, but none of them tries, in such a radical way as Edmaier, to capture our planet's functional principles in aesthetically perfect images."


  • „Bernhard Edmaier raises the art of aerial photography to new hights. His images are hauntingly impressionistic, even as they display a clarity of tone and texture that recalls the sharp-focus realism of Eliot Porter ... “

    Natural History Magazine, USA

  • "… he discovers the earth in a new way, for himself and for us. …the pictures are amazing, pictures we’ve never seen before. Pictures that tell us in a special way of the power of nature and of the transience of time… Edmaier’s pictures are hyper-concrete and at the same time enchantingly abstract. They are like a hymn to the beauty of nature….like a song announcing the magnificence of our planet."

    Kulturweltspiegel, ARD (German Television)

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