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Black Ice

Both fascinating and mysterious – Black Ice is a rare phenomenon that only appears under specific weather conditions .... ...

Glacier's Make-up

The rubble that cascades onto glaciers from the cliffs in high mountains often leads to the formation of long stripes and bizarre patterns. Why? Because of the ...

Flatirons - carved in Rock

These spectacular triangular packages of rock layers can be found mostly in high desert areas - the most impressive ones are located on the Colorado Plateau in ...

Tidal Spectacle

The tidal range up to 12 metres high generates huge flood plains on the Kimberley coast of northwestern Australia, letting a reef emerge from the Indian Ocean ...

Hot Springs

The most beautiful are to be found in New Zealand, Iceland and in Yellowstone National Park in USA. They are home to heat-loving bacteria and algae – minerals ...

Flood Generates Colour

After heavy rainfalls rivers not only overflow their banks. They also intensify their water colours - like currently in Southern Germany at the northern rim of ...


25 per cent of the landmass on our planet remains frozen all year round suffused with impressive ring and fishnet patterns. These permafrost soils start to ...

Patagonia's 'Warm' Glaciers

Many glaciers in the Patagonian Andes flow down toward the valleys faster than glaciers elsewhere – with far-reaching effects. ...

Lava Lake Watching

Lakes of boiling lava are only to be found in 10 of the earth´s 1500 active volcanoes. The Erta Ale in the Ethiopian desert is one of them ... ...

Wave Power

Waves with the force of 30 tons per square metre batter the steep coastline during a winter storm. No rock can stand up to this for ever ... ...

Waiting for an Iceberg to Calve

There is probably no better place in the world to observe the calving of a glacier than in Patagonia where the Perito-Moreno-glacier plunges into the water ... ...

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  • About this blog

    Authors: Bernhard Edmaier (photos) und Dr. Angelika Jung-Hüttl (texts)

    Earth Talks – a title with two meanings: either  the earth itself speaks or we speak about the earth. In this blog you will find both aspects. The earth speaks through Bernhard's photos - and Bernhard speaks about the earth as he sees it in his photos.
    The texts provide information, for example, about new discoveries or geological curiosities (What´s new?) Or they tell of our travels, how specific photos came about (Behind the scenes) or they explain interesting landscape phenomena (Geology illustrated).
    Have a look at our photo-blog, share your comments and discuss with us the varied aspects of the earth´s surface, the way it is changing through quite normal, natural processes of weathering and erosion but also as a result of natural catastrophes, climate change or human intervention.

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